Tips on marketing

Book suggestion: Your First 1000 copies

By Tim Grahl

Whether you are just getting started in your writing career or are a long time author struggling to figure out how to step into the new era, this book will lay out the plan you need to get your platform up and running so you can reliably and predictably build an engaged readership and sell your first 1000 copies.

What did I learn from this book?

  1. Marketing is creating lasting connections with people through a focus on being relentlessly helpful.
  2. Your #1 goal to boost your sales should be to grow your email list as much as possible.
  3. Focus on providing helpful, valuable and delightful content (on your website/in your newsletter) on a regular basis. 
  4. Selling through social media dramatically underperforms selling through email lists. Social media should be used to support and complement your core assets: your email list, your blog, your outreach. So, it's just a small piece of your overall strategy.

So basically, if your outreach is working, more people will be visiting your website and interacting with your content. If your content is working, more people will be signing up for your email list. And if your email list is working, more people will be buying your books.