Get a diploma. Find the love of her life and marry him. Go for a career and have kids. Twenty-one-year-old Kate knows exactly what she wants, but when she gets shot and almost dies, she discovers that life isn’t a checklist. It’s hard, unpredictable, and dangerous.

There are fears to overcome, the mafia to hide from, and Mason Scott to resist. One of Scotts’ Private Investigation and Security operatives who keeps her safe and is a professional womanizer who’s insanely considerate and charming.

Kate doesn’t do players, which is why she distances herself from his swoon-worthy body and ignores whatever weird fan-girl emotions are going on inside her.
But when another threatening situation forces her to share a small two-bedroom apartment with him alone, Kate might have to reconsider who’s the bigger threat: the mafia or Mason Scott?


     “Mason?” I whisper desperately, my phone pressed close to my ear.
     “Kate? Where are you?” he yells, worry dripping off every syllable.
     I clutch my phone tighter as I can’t hold the tears any longer. “Oh God, Mason. I heard a gunshot. They’re inside. They’re here. They …”
     “Kate, breathe.”
     “I can’t.” Choking back a sob, I explain, “They have guns, Mase.”
     “Listen to me, Kate.”
     “I can’t go through this again. I can’t be lucky twice,” I ramble as more tears make their way down. “They’ll find me, and then they’ll—”
     “Kate, baby, you listen to me now,” he demands in such a voice that I press my lips together. “I’m coming for you. Do you hear me?”
     I cover my mouth with my hand to smother another sob.
     “Kate?” He pauses before he goes on, his voice low yet fierce, “Do you hear me?”
     I wipe away my tears with the back of my hand. “I hear you.”
     “I’m going to save you.”
     My breath quivers as I inhale his words.
     “Kate, say it and believe it.”
     Looking up, my eyes fixed on the door in front of me, I repeat his words, “You’re gonna save me.”
     “Yes. I. Am.”