Inspiration & motivation

The one question that haunts every creator sometimes...

Why endure the pain of making something from nothing? 
At first, you're very aware of why you're doing it, what is truly driving you. But after a while that meaning starts to fade. 'The why' gets lost and you're lost in this cobweb of technicalities, likes, good reviews, sales,... And you forget what is truly driving you...
I could quote Jack Conte here, word for word... But I'd rather let him say it himself in his very own and very enthusiastic way.
It did wonders for me, I hope it does, for you too!
Because it matters, especially in these hard times when our lives are stripped to a bare minimum of entertainment. We all want to get lost in 

I'll give Jack Conte the honor of giving you back that spark. 
Because it definitely worked for me! 

Get inspired by these AuthorTubers

I don't know how or where I would have found the information and support if these amazing AuthorTubers hadn't taken the time to create YouTube videos about writing. They gave, and still give me, so much valuable information, motivation and inspiration. And, it's all for free! 


...something we desperately need to get things done. And yet, too many times, it seems awfully hard to find. For me, the cause was mostly exhaustion. Coming home from work with two kids—who have about ten times more energy than me—while trying to preserve a small amount of energy for when they’re in bed, was challenging. Once they were sleeping, my energy level dropped so low, I ended up sprawled on the couch. 
Or worse, in bed when it was only eight pm. 
Thinking about booting up my laptop and working on my WIP—Work In Progress—was usually the last thing on my mind.
Until I found a way to motivate myself.
A method to do just that.
The solution?